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Associate Professor
Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy
Bondurant Hall 2064, CB #7122
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Phone: (919) 843-4463


  • PhD, Occupational Therapy-Emphases in Gerontology and Occupational Science, 2015, Texas Women’s University
  • MS, Occupational Therapy, 2006, Colorado State University
  • BS, Psychology, 2003, University of Iowa

Research and Clinical Interests

  • Family-centered type 1 diabetes care/research within a rural healthcare context

Research Accomplishments

  • Developed a novel assessment titled, Diabetes Health Management and Distress Scale – Parents of Children; an innovative assessment designed to measure the caregiver’s health management routines and well-being and their perceived self-efficacy to manage their child’s diabetes cares and health routines. Funded by the International Society of Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes Society and JDRF.
  • Principal Investigator of Creighton University’s first-ever awarded PCORI grant, Building Rural Stakeholder Engagement in Patient-Centered Type 1 Diabetes.
  • Since the completion of the PCORI grant in November 2020, Dr. Jewell has subsequently served as Principal Investigator or mentor on five funded grants that built upon her established patient-centered research agenda.
  • Developed a widely recognized assessment titled, The Occupation-Centered Intervention Assessment, while completing her PhD in Occupational Therapy at Texas Woman’s University. This assessment provides a guide for theory application for the development and testing of novel occupational therapy interventions and is utilized by OT education programs globally

Recent Publications

  • Little K, Qi Y, Jewell VD. Promoting student understanding of occupation-centered practice and Updated Inter-Rater Reliability of the Occupation-Centered Intervention Assessment. J Occup Ther Educ. 2023; 7(1). Article 8:
  • Wozniak E, Cover L, Qi Y, Jewell VD. Mixed methods study of the experiences and routines of caregivers of children with type 1 diabetes. Open J Occup Ther. 2023;11(1), 1-14.
  • Feldhacker D, Jewell VD, Jung S, Collins H*, Lohman H, Russell M. Telehealth interventions within the scope of occupational therapy practice: a systematic review. Am J Occup Ther. 2022; 76(6): 7606205090.
  • Jewell VD, Wise A, Knezevich E, Abbott AA, Feiten B, Dostal K. 2022. Type 1 diabetes management and healthcare experiences across rural Nebraska. J Ped Health Care. 1-8. 
  • Jewell VD, Wienkes TL, Pickens NP. 2022. The Occupation-Centered Intervention Assessment. AOTA Press.
  • Shin J, Jewell VD, Abbott AA, Russell M, Carlson K, Gordon M. Fidelity protocol development for a telehealth type 1 diabetes occupation-based coaching intervention. Can J Occup Ther. 2022; 89(2):158-169.
  • Gallegos E, Harmon KB, Lee G, Qi Y, Jewell VD. 2022. A descriptive study of the quality of life and burden of mothers of children with type 1 diabetes. Occup Ther Health Care. 1-17.