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Applying stance phase knee control during gait for people with stroke undergoing inpatient rehabilitation.

Improving walking ability is an important clinical goal for people with hemiparesis after stroke. Frequently after stroke, individuals walk with a slow, asymmetrical, and energy-inefficient gait. In fact, almost one third of people living at home after stroke are unable to walk unsupervised in their communities. This study intends to initiate investigation into an intervention to … Read more

Screening and Intervention to Reduce Falls in Older Adults in Primary Care

An estimated one of three adults over 65 years of age falls each year, and this proportion increases to one in two by the age of 80 years. Falls are extremely costly, both in terms of the economic burden on society and the physical, financial, and emotional toll on the individual and his/her family. By 2020, the total cost of falls among older adults is projected to reach $43 bil … Read more