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  • Two virtual interviews will be conducted on the same day via Zoom with members of the UNC admissions committee or department faculty. Applicants should allow for 30 minutes for each interview.
  • An on-campus interview will be offered to selected applicants following the virtual interview. Invitations for this phase of the admissions process will be sent via email.


  • Admissions decisions will begin after the application deadline. We do not offer rolling admissions.
  • For those offered admission, a decision will be communicated by phone and email. Applicants have 7 business days to respond to the offer to enroll and submit their $1,000 deposit as outlined within the offer letter. All deposits are non-refundable.
  • For those offered waitlist status or denial, decisions will be communicated by email. All waitlist applicants will be informed of change of waitlist status by email or phone.