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Writing Model Project: July 2019- June 2022

Cross-Sectional Examination of Writing Quality in Elementary School Students: An Exploration of an Empirical Based Model of Writing Factors Across Grades 1 to 5
U.S. Department of Education, Institute for Education Sciences




Who’s participating?

Students attending elementary schools in Florida Atlantic University Laboratory Schools and the School District of Palm Beach County. They participated for one year.

What are we learning?

The researchers will explore two aims across two different text genres, narrative and opinion:
1) the relations between writing skills and writing performance; and,
2) how the importance or strength of these writing skills differs across grades 1 through 5 and how writing skills relate to writing quality.

Want to learn more?

Meet the Team , check out our Publications or Contact Us for more information.


First grade teacher Agatha Brown interacts with her pupils at Union Independent School in Durham, NC.

We are developing an empirical framework to improve elementary school writing assessment and instruction. By understanding writing constructs, teachers can help students develop the corresponding skills. Furthermore, a writing framework will provide a strong foundation for creating age-specific measures and more effective tools for monitoring progress. Teachers can then apply specific constructs when planning instruction or providing feedback.