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IHQI is pleased to announce that the School of Medicine scholarly concentration, formerly known as, “Physician Leadership in Quality and Safety (PLQS),” has a new name. Two Hillman Scholars from the School of Nursing have joined the class, officially changing the name to, “Clinician Leadership in Quality and Safety (CLQS).” CLQS Director, Dr. Casey Olm-Shipman, and the IHQI team are excited about the integration of physicians and nurses in the course.

The first session of 2019-2020 was held on May 24th from 1:00-5:00pm in Bondurant G-030. IHQI made adjustments to the scheduling of the program this year to better accommodate the students and their multiple responsibilities. The first class included speakers from the Division of Healthcare Engineering, Dr. Alison Amos and Melissa Mardeusz. Dr. Amos led an introduction to the concepts of lean, with an overview of the A3 tool. IHQI Project Manager, Sabrina Vereen, shared real life stories that illustrate psychological aspects of improvement, and Dr. Olm-Shipman provided an overview of common improvement team roles and responsibilities. The day ended with an activity led by IHQI Executive Director, Laura Brown, that introduced the concept of “failing faster” (picture below).

The next session is scheduled for June 19th. Please contact Program Coordinator, Karen Davis, with any questions.