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IHQI collaborates with departments across the UNC Health system and helps health care improvers at UNC navigate improvement resources including coaching and analytics. The information below will help you connect with others who are improving quality and patient safety at UNC.

QI Support for the UNC Health System

UNC Health’s Quality Improvement Oversight Committee (QIOC) is the system governance group focused on quality improvement efforts at UNC’s hospitals and outpatient clinics. UNC employees can access their SharePoint Site for more information.
Hospital Quality and Innovation (HQI) leads system-wide clinical quality, patient safety improvement and analytic initiatives. HQI supports developing and achieving organizational quality goals and sharing of best practices at all UNC system hospitals. UNC employees can access their SharePoint Site for more information, or you can email
Operational Efficiency (OE) serves to build UNC Health Care’s operational excellence as a lean healthcare organization through training and coaching leaders, providers and staff on the application of the UNC Health Care Improvement System. The UNC Health Care Improvement System is built on a foundation of lean, with a focus on respect for people and the relentless pursuit of waste reduction to provide more value-add care to patients. OE partners with operational and clinical leadership to identify opportunities for improvement and bring technical, change management and coaching expertise to help guide developing a culture of continuous improvement. OE provides training programs for Yellow Belt, Blue Belt, Purple Belt and Kaizen Coach. UNC employees can access their SharePoint Site for more information, or you can email
UNC Health Alliance’s PQI team helps providers, clinics and staff transform care delivery by providing meaningful analytics and reporting, and maximizes patient health through quality improvement coaching and clinical implementation coaching. UNC employees can access their SharePoint Site for more information, or you can email Practice Quality & Innovation
Enterprise Analytics & Data Sciences is a system-wide shared service responsible for growing UNC Health Care’s ability to harness data and advanced analytical methods in order to improve clinical, financial and administrative decision making. UNC employees can access their SharePoint Site for more information, or you can email the EADS Community Manager.
Care Redesign promotes high value care through the development and implementation of system wide clinical pathways.  By using best practices and evidence based care, Care Redesign’s mission is to reduce unwarranted clinical variation and to connect clinicians across the system.   UNC employees can access their SharePoint Site for more information.  UNC employees placed on a working team can go to the Collaboration Site for specific team folder access.

QI Support for UNC Medical Center

The Medical Center Improvement Council prioritizes improvement and safety initiatives and goals at UNC Medical Center. The council facilitates, coordinates and integrates activities consistent with these goals. Read the bylaws, or contact Erin Burgess for additional information.
The Office of Quality Excellence enables higher quality and safer patient care by partnering with health care professionals to drive process improvements, resulting in better health outcomes for patients. OQE performs several functions across the medical center, including: team/project leadership and facilitation, process analysis, improvement and redesign, clinical outcomes measurement, analysis and reporting, reporting of hospital quality measures and participation in surgical, cancer and other registries, and monitoring and reporting of organizational goals for quality. UNC employees can access their SharePoint Site for additional information, or email Karima Powell
The Risk Management department is dedicated to improving patient safety and mitigating UNC Health Care’s risks by implementing proactive risk management strategies that effectively identify and manage risks. Risk Management provides several services, including the management of the patient safety event reporting system (SAFE), education on risk management issues, and collaboration with other quality, patient safety, and performance improvement colleagues to implement interventions and monitor their effectiveness. UNC employees can access their SharePoint Site, or you can send a message to for additional information.
The Center for Nursing Excellence supports nursing quality and research at UNC Hospitals through collaboration, innovation and translation. CNE provides quality coaching support, nursing quality data, research support, the integration of components of the ANCC Magnet Program to reflect nursing and organizational excellence, and communications services (including professional photography and video production as well as professional poster support). UNC employees can visit their SharePoint Site for additional information, or you can contact the Director, Carla Jones, or the Senior Quality Leader, Becca Baldwin.
The Division of Healthcare Engineering provides operations improvement (including lean, event reporting and outpatient services goals), research, education and training to support a culture and infrastructure for continuous improvement. Contact Deen Gu for additional information.
Pharmacy Strategy and Quality (PSQ) supports the UNC Medical Center Department of Pharmacy. Their mission is to promote a culture of continuous quality improvement by aligning strategy and operations with best practices in patient safety and organizational efficiency. Their vision is to be the catalyst for innovation, standardization and collaboration in the One Pharmacy Community Vision for Excellence. UNC employees can visit their SharePoint Site for additional information, or you can contact the manager, John Prieur.
Management of quality improvement (QI) and safety programs within the neurosciences at UNC is a collaborative effort between the UNC Departments of Neurosurgery and Neurology. Please contact Kathleen Bradford, MD or Casey Olm-Shipman, MD for more information.
The UNC Department of Pediatrics formed The Children’s Improvement Council to emphasize safe and high-quality patient care as the focus of their clinical care mission. The UNC Department of Pediatrics Quality and Safety Program provides the basic resources needed to conduct a successful quality improvement initiative, and their website outlines the Department of Pediatrics QI efforts.  
The North Carolina Women’s Hospital is involved in several quality improvement initiatives, which are outlined on their SharePoint project page. This webpage can be accessed by UNC employees. If you are interested in learning more about Lean in Women’s Hospital, want to get involved in their projects or have ideas for future projects, contact Michelle Swanson
A patient and family advisory council typically consists of staff, former patients, family and community members who work together to support and promote patient and family-centered care. UNC employees can access the Patient Experience SharePoint page, which provides a list of several patient and family advisory councils at the medical center, or the Outpatient Services Patient & Family Advisory Council SharePoint page. You can also visit the NC Cancer Hospital’s Patient and Family Advisory Board or the NC Children’s Hospital Patient and Family Advisory Board for additional information.