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A project kickoff meeting symbolizes the formal start of a quality improvement project. Typically, kickoff meetings last about 60 minutes and have an agenda that addresses project goals, establishes leadership roles, and defines clear expectation for team members’ roles and responsibilities. When effectively planned and facilitated, kickoff meetings serve to energize the team and set a positive tone for the duration of the project.

Here are some tips on running a successful kickoff meeting.

  • Dedicate some time early in the meeting for participants to connect with one another as individuals and begin to build relationships. This can be as simple as asking each participant to discuss why the project matters to them, and how it may benefit people touched by the work.
  • Use remaining agenda topics to set overall expectations for the project, including meeting frequency, proposed roles and responsibilities of team members, and communication channels and frequency.
  • In general, it is wise to avoid covering too much information at a kickoff meeting. Instead, focus on giving a brief overview of the project and its goals. Highly specific project-related details are often best addressed at later meetings, when the team is established.
  • Throughout the meeting, convey a tone of energy and optimism.