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UNC Health Care

Matt Ewend, Chair, Neurosurgery and President, UNC Physicians
Tom Ivester, Chief Medical Officer

5 Bedtower

Jessica Mollmark, Clinical Nurse
Cheryl Stewart, Nurse Manager

6 Children’s

Amy Bowen, Clinical Nurse
Angie Ramsey, Clinical Nurse

6 Neuroscience

Joyce Kern, Clinical Nurse

Adult Specialty Care Team

Barry Warren, Clinical Nurse


Jenny Eskildsen, Anesthesiologist
Michelle Kimmel, Clinical Nurse, Pediatric Pain Sedation Consult Service
Peggy McNaull, Anesthesiologist
Kim Nichols, Associate Professor, Department of Anesthesiology
Anthony Passannante, Anesthesiologist
Eva Waller, Anesthesiologist
David Zvara, Chair, Department of Anesthesiology

Burn Center

Bruce Cairns, Medical Director, Champion
Renee Edkins, Nurse Practitioner, Champion
Scott Hultman, Medical Director, Champion
Linda Long, Clinical Nurse
Chris Trum, Physician Assistant

Cath Lab

Tandra Hamilton, Clinical Nurse

Cardiac Intensive Care Unit

Cristie Dangerfield, Nurse Manager

Emergency Department

Al Bonifacio, Trauma Program Manager
Jennifer Haynes, Clinical Nurse
Kathy Mohr, Trauma Coordinator


Shelley Summerlin-Long, Quality Improvement Lead

Family Medicine

Angela Autry, Clinical Nurse
Ami Goldstein, Nurse Midwife and Family Nurse Practitioner
Mark Gwynne, Co-Medical Director, Champion
Andrew Hannapel, Attending Physician, Director of Chatham Hospital Services

Heart and Vascular Center at Meadowmont

Zack Deyo, Pharmacist

Hillsborough Hospital

Stephanie Bohling, PACU Nurse Manager
Angela Cappello, ISCU Clinical Nurse
Yolanda Dunmore, Radiology
Anthony Harrelson, CRNA
Jennifer McEntee, Attending Physician
Will Kanipe, CCU Nurse Manager
Rachael Lorenzen, Clinical Nurse, Surgical Services Educational Coordinator
Megan O’Connor, Clinical Nurse, Observation Unit
Jeffrey Strickler, Vice President, Hillsborough Hospital

General Internal Medicine Clinic at Ambulatory Care Center

Christina McMillan, Quality and Organizational Excellence Specialist

Labor and Delivery

Sarah Dotters-Katz, Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellow
Emily Jackson, Nurse Manager
Nicole Jung, Nurse Educator

Medical Progressive Care Unit

Kate Rowe, Assistant Nurse Manager


David Huang, Attending Physician, Champion

Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit

Amy Hui, Clinical Nurse

Newborn Critical Care Center

Vicki Childers, Assistant Nurse Manager
Linda Denton, Clinical Nurse
Jennifer Flippin, Nurse Manager, Champion
Karen Hill, Clinical Nurse, Champion
Diane Hudson-Barr, Clinical Nurse Specialist
Sherry LeBlanc, Nurse Practitioner, Champion
Anna Lyaifer, Clinical Nurse
Matthew Massaro, Nurse Practitioner
Susan Meier, Nurse Practitioner
Anne Poisson, Clinical Nurse
Tina Scott, Clinical Nurse
Karen Wood, Medical Director and Director of Pediatric Transport Team, Champion

Nursing Practice Education and Research

Billy Bevill, Director
Cathy Gage, Professional Development Coordinator, Champion
Jennifer Glazier, Clinical Nurse Educator
Robin Gusmann, Clinical Nurse Educator

Nursing Quality and Research

Carol Benge, Quality and Organizational Excellence Leader
Peggy Mattingly, Nursing Communications Coordinator

Outpatient Care Services

Amy Kelley, Clinical Nurse Education Specialist
Megan Romeo-Foster, Manager, Outpatient Nurse Educator
Allison Zeidner, Training/Development Manager

Performance Improvement and Patient Safety

Erin Burgess, Performance Improvement Manager
Daniel Duncan, Quality and Organizational Excellence Leader
George Guthrie, Quality and Organizational Excellence Analyst
Emily Hoke, Quality and Organizational Excellence Analyst
Caroline Ornelas, Quality and Organizational Excellence Leader

Perioperative Services and Operating Rooms

William Adamson, Pediatric Surgeon
Janet Chadwick, Manager, Clinical Practice and Professional Development
Cathy Godsmark, OR Team Lead
Trevor Hackman, Head & Neck Surgeon
Tamala Philpot, Clinical Nurse
Annette Williams, PACU/PCS Nurse Manager


Kathy Bradford, Attending Physician

Pediatric Emergency Department

Cheryl Jackson, Attending Physician

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Benny Joyner, Attending Physician
Afsaneh Pirzadeh, Attending Physician
Roger Saunders, Nurse Manager, Champion
Melissa Smith, Fellow

Practice Quality and Innovation

Shannon Tansey, Quality and Organizational Excellence Leader
Deanna Zolfo, Quality and Organizational Excellence Leader


Diana Denz, Nurse Educator
Bari Galatioto, CT Radiologic Technologist
Davia Silberman, Radiologic Technologist
Melissa Walters, Imaging Support

Respiratory Therapy

Neil Ryan, Manager
Kathy Short, Clinical Specialist


Becky Dodge, Quality and Organizational Excellence Leader, Champion