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This strategic effort, sponsored by Dr. Jennifer Wu and Jill Jemison, will initially focus on the School of Medicine’s education mission and related administrative functions. SOM data currently is managed both centrally and in distributed areas, exists in multiple formats, is organized in a variety of ways, and is growing in volume. This new effort will:

  • Improve educational outcomes by providing data-driven insights into student performance.
  • Make it easier for faculty to track student progress and identify areas for improvement.
  • Help the UNC School of Medicine meet accreditation requirements, supporting continuous quality improvement processes.
  • Position analytics to be central to SOM operations: The right people will have access to the right information with the right tools at the right time.

Please refer to the project kickoff announcement in the August 7th, 2023 edition of Vital Signs for more information.

Milestones and Timeline

Please note that existing SOM systems/technology or processes will not be modified during this initial discovery and requirements-gathering phase.


EDW Milestones Timeline
EDW Timeline: Initial Phase

Themes and Opportunities

  • Address data quality and consistency to harness the opportunity to standardize data practices, definitions, and processes across all School of Medicine campuses and programs.
  • Transition from silos of data to centralized data positioned as an institutional resource.
  • Evolve from ad hoc reporting and requests for data to establishing standard reports and dashboards to deliver actionable and fit for purpose data.
  • Increase use of data for teaching and learning research scholarship while generating an understanding of who has access to what data, and for what purposes.
  • Pursue a comprehensive “360-degree” view of a trainee which includes assessment, formative and summative feedback, and other “signal” data throughout their career progression.