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Vice Dean for Academic Affairs Jennifer Wu, MD, MPH, and Associate Dean for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer Jill Jemison, MBA, are announcing a new initiative to develop an enterprise data warehouse and a plan for data reporting and analytics.

This strategic effort will initially focus on the School of Medicine’s education mission and related administrative functions. SOM data currently is managed both centrally and in distributed areas, exists in multiple formats, is organized in a variety of ways, and is growing in volume. This new effort will:

  • Improve educational outcomes by providing data-driven insights into student performance.
  • Make it easier for faculty to track student progress and identify areas for improvement.
  • Help the School of Medicine meet accreditation requirements and support continuous quality improvement processes.

“I’m excited to announce this key strategic initiative that will help bring together people, processes, and data to better service our students, faculty and administration,” Wu said. “This will allow us to continually assess and evaluate our educational programs, meet accreditation standards and create the best possible experience for our students.”

Initial activities include interviewing key stakeholders to document requirements and identify current process and technology barriers. The project will also document requirements for enhancing effective use of data and define appropriate access rights to institutional data.

The initial phase will produce a multi-year data and analytics development roadmap with implementation plans for 2024 and beyond for a capable and sustainable data and analytics function for SOM that will expand across all missions. The project will also design the cutting-edge technical infrastructure and systems to support the security, analytics and access needs of SOM.

“SOM IT is uniquely placed to partner with our education colleagues to establish a data architecture and build a culture that will help SOM become the number one public medical school in the country. We are thrilled to be able to collaborate on this important, strategic project,” Jemison said.

More information will be shared in the coming months.