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UNC School of Medicine Office of Academic Excellence

Our Mission

To foster academic excellence and success in medical students and the UNC School of Medicine Community.

We Value:

  • Academic excellence in students regardless of their prior experience or performance.
  • Passion for life-long learning
  • Continuous improvement of learners and teachers
  • Identity formation as caring, master physicians

What We Do

The UNC Office of Academic Excellence (OAE) consists of an integrated team of educators and clinicians across the campuses who work to help promote student success throughout the pre-clinical and clinical years. We work together with the College Advisors to help ensure overall, holistic student success. We do this through the following:

Pre-clinical Years

  1. Individual coaching in study skills, test-taking, time management, and guidance around educational resources.
  2. Development of individual problem solving and concept integration.
  3. Individual exam and question set error analysis.
  4. Group training around study skills and Step 1 preparedness.
  5. Class meeting presentations on study strategies and effective learning.
  6. Detailed study schedule and guides for Step 1 preparation.
  7. Individualized assessment for Step 1 readiness.
  8. Tutoring by trained senior student tutors.
  9. Assistance in applications for testing accommodations and accessibility
  10. Informing and contributing to pre-clinical curriculum.
  11. Integration with student support services, foundation phase leadership, and college advisors.

Clinical Years

  1. Individualized coaching on how to perform well in the clinical setting, particularly in skills such as teamwork, history and physical, and clinical presentations.
  2. Coaching in integration of knowledge and application to the clinical setting, such as development of differential diagnoses and medical decision making.
  3. Individual and group coaching on the best ways to prepare for Shelf exams and Step 2CK/CS.
  4. Assistance in applications for testing accommodations and accessibility
  5. Integration with student support services, clinical education leadership, and college advisors.
  6. Coaching in study schedules and methods.