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During the Application Phase, students spend 12 months completing core clinical clerkships in psychiatry, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, internal medicine, and family medicine. Students can complete the Application Phase in one of four campus programs: Charlotte, Asheville, Wilmington or Central (Chapel Hill and surrounding areas). All Campuses have the same course objectives and assessments, but each site is characterized by a unique curricular structure incorporating varying amounts of integration, self-directed learning, and longitudinal emphasis. Regardless of the campus assignment, all students will be prepared for the Individualization Phase and future career endeavors.

While capacity changes slightly from year-to-year, the capacity at each of the six sites is maximized to ensure that students get the clinical experiences they need to progress in their training.

In 2023, the capacity for each site was:

Asheville – 35 students
Chapel Hill (Central Cross Regional) – 77 students
Charlotte – 9 students
Greensboro – 18 students
Raleigh – 27 students
Wilmington – 27 students

Campus & Site Profiles