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Below are some web sites with some more information on H&Ps. Many of the sites also provide example write-ups. Note that there is no one, absolutely correct template for creating the perfect write-up. However, the more you understand the fundamental principles of performing and writing-up an H&P, and the more examples of high quality write-ups you encounter, the better prepared you will be to create your own well-written H&Ps.

UCSD Practical Guide to Clinical Medicine

An excellent site. It describes well the important elements of a good H&P and provides several examples. The site also includes links to information on taking a history and performing different elements of the physical exam. Highly recommended.

University of Florida
Another excellent site that also describes the important elements of a good H&P. Provides annotated examples of write-ups ranging in quality from outstanding to unacceptable. Highly recommended.

SUNY Upstate

One example of an incredibly detailed write-up

University of Minnesota

One write-up of a fictional patient with annotated comments describing what makes it a good H&P.

Annals of Internal Medicine: The Language of Medical Case Histories

Interesting description of “seven language maladies” found in many case reports and write-ups. If you were a liberal arts major, you might enjoy this. If you were not, give it a try and expand your mind.

Some advice on giving oral presentations:

UNC-Chapel Hill
Don’t forget about the materials on oral presentations (and progress notes) from the Transition Clerkship.

The UCSD site listed above also has information on oral presentations.