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Alexis Mwanza

Laboratory Technician

Institute for Global Health and Infectious Diseases

Dr. Alexis Mwanza, MD, is a physician born and raised in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Before moving to the US, he worked as the Medical Chief Officer at the health zone level and as a clinician at the general hospital of the health zone. Subsequently, he served as a Project Coordinator for a malaria project in the Kasai Oriental Province, managing 16 health zones, and later as a Field Director for Research in Ebola Human Antibodies for the UCLA/DRC program. He also served as Project Coordinator for digitization and support for development of a Human African Trypanosomiasis information and decision support system, and as a Technical Advisor in drug management using DHIS2 for IMA World Health.
He has conducted field work for a good portion of his career, interacting with stakeholders at the health zone and national level in the DRC. He is now adding to his skillset by learning and implementing high-throughput molecular methods for malaria on sample sets collected during malaria studies at multiple sites in Africa.