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Hugh A. “Chip” McAllister Jr., MD ’66 donated the largest-ever single donation to the UNC School Of Medicine to fund cardiovascular research. “We hope to turn this into one of the nation’s leading centers for cardiovascular research,” Dr. McAllister said during a recent trip to Chapel Hill. “The philosophy here is not bricks and mortar, but to get young scientists, the best in the country, to come here.”

He chose UNC for several reasons…”the leadership you have in the Department of Medicine Cardiology is perfectly set to do this type of research and bring benefit to the American people and the people of the State of North Carolina. They have an openess here that you don’t find in many places, where there’s interdisciplinary interaction between pathology, pharmacology, physiology, biochemistry and genetics. All of this is going to come together, I think, to bring very exciting changes in the morbidity and mortality of cardiovascular disease”.

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