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Brian JensenNational Institutes of HealthCongratulations to the Lab of Brian C. Jensen, M.D., Associate Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology, in collaboration with Kelsey Fisher-Wellman, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology, and Jessica M. Ellis, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology, both with Eastern Carolina University (ECU), for the first renewal of R01 grant, entitled “Metabolic mechanisms of cardioprotection through alpha-1A adrenergic receptor activation”, from the NIH.

Kelsey Fisher-Wellman, Ph.D.Jessica M. Ellis, Ph.D.This funding mechanism provides $2.5 million over 5 years and is designed to support ongoing investigation of the adaptive effects of alpha-1A adrenergic receptors on mitochondrial function in the heart. The proposed work will also seek to define whether antagonists of alpha-1A adrenergic receptors, commonly used to treat prostate disorders, adversely affect cardiometabolic risk.