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William Polacheck 2021NIHCongratulations to the Lab of William Polacheck, Ph.D., an MHI member and Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering; Member, Cell Biology and Physiology Curriculum, UNC Medicine; Member, Comparative Medicine Institute, NCSU, for the receipt of R35 MIRA grant from the NIH.

Vascular NetworkThe grant, titled, “Integrative Approaches for the Fluidic Microenvironment”, is a 5-year grant and funds three project areas within the Polacheck Lab to develop molecular, microfluidic, and computational tools to advance understanding of the role of fluid transport in regulating biological processes. In addition to laying the foundation for studying disease mechanisms that are not well captured by current model systems, the results of this work will inform the development of interventional approaches for the myriad diseases in which pathologic fluid transport plays a role, including cardiovascular disease and cancer.