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Pediatrics, Microbiology & Immunology, and Env. Sci. & Engineering

Director; Curriculum in Toxicology & Environmental Medicine
Director; Center for Env. Med. Asthma & Lung Biology

Rm 4004B

Mary Ellen Jones Buidling


My research focuses on the adverse effects and toxicity of inhaled pollutants, especially how it pertains to modification of respiratory host defense responses and mucosal inflammation. Specifically, through NIEHS, NHLBI, EPA, DoD, and FDA/NIH funding, my lab examines how inhaled toxicants modify respiratory antiviral host defense responses using several translational research models, including organotypic models of the respiratory mucosa and human controlled exposure studies. We are particularly interested in how inhaled toxicants, such as ambient air pollutants, woodsmoke, cigarette smoke, military burn pits, and e-cigarettes, modify respiratory innate immune responses resulting in enhanced susceptibility to microbial infections using human in vivo and in vitro experimental models. I have broad experience in developing non-invasive techniques to obtain human clinical samples and immunophenotyping mucosal immune cells obtained from human volunteers, which have been incorporated into clinical studies examining effects of inhaled toxicants on respiratory health. I have extensively participated in cross-disciplinary translational research teams, providing expertise in toxicology and analyses of human clinical samples as well as in vitro exposure models, thus linking mechanistic understanding of pollutant-induced modifications of cellular host defense responses to clinical observations in humans in vivo.


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