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Department of Pathology & Lab Medicine
1035 UNC Hospitals
Development, evaluation and improvement of immunologic tests for autoimmunity, infectious disease and transplantation


Dr. Schmitz is currently conducting studies assessing the impact of alternative HLA matching approaches on the outcome of kidney transplantation.  A retrospective analysis of outcomes (graft survival, de novo donor specific antibody production and biopsy confirmed rejection) in alemtuzumab inducted donor-recipient pairs stratified by eplet (functional epitope) mismatch load is being carried out.  This work will contribute to the growing body of evidence that a more granular assessment of the degree HLA mismatch provides clinically relevant information on immunologic risk of kidney transplants.  Dr. Schmitz is also contributing to the development and evaluation of SARV-CoV-2 antibody tests.  Various tests in his laboratory are being used by collaborators to study the epidemiology of SARV-CoV-2 infections in North Carolina, the impact of biologic therapies on vaccine response and transplacental transfer of binding and neutralizing antibodies.  Dr. Schmitz has ongoing studies and collaborations aimed at evaluating and improving immunologic testing for infectious diseases including syphilis, tuberculosis and tick-borne infections.  Finally, Dr. Schmitz continues to provide consultation on immunologic testing to the UNC CFAR HIV/STD Laboratory Core.

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