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Vironomics Core Manager

Originally from Michigan/Indiana, I have a degree in Biology and Medical Technology. When we arrived in North Carolina, I worked at UNC as a Med Tech in the Blood Bank. After leaving UNC, I worked at a Chapel Hill doctor’s office, then in Research Triangle Park (CIIT/The Hamner), coming back to UNC (Dental School research) in 2017 and now the Dittmer Lab. My laboratory experience is broad, including Medical Technology, some Waste Water Analysis, and molecular biology. I have done most everything from Southern and Northern blots, Animal studies, DNA/RNA isolations, PCR, QPCR, little cloning, Cell Culture, Sequencing (Sanger and Next Gen), some Imaging, some flow, Affymetrix micro arrays, and recently miRNA and exosomes. I have two kids, my daughter is in Raleigh, NC working as a Civil Engineer and my son is in Fairfax, Va working as a Mechanical Engineer. My husband and I live in Durham, in the Woodcroft community.