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We are actively monitoring the situation with COVID-19. While currently we are fully operating, the situation could change with short notice. Should events and recommendations warrant, several aspects of our program will be impacted. While we will do everything possible to prevent disruptions, we want to alert you to the likelihood of delays in responding to emails and phone calls at this time. It is possible that order processing will also be delayed. Should your project be affected, you will be notified as soon as possible. Thank you for understanding.

The MMRRC at UNC distributes and cryopreserves scientifically valuable, genetically engineered mouse strains and mouse ES cell lines with potential value for the genetics and biomedical research community. We are part of a national network of breeding and distribution facilities plus an information coordinating center serving together as NIH’s premier repository of spontaneous and induced mutant mouse and cell lines. The MMRRC at UNC is supported by the National Institutes of Health.

Please contact our Customer Service at if you have any problems or questions about accessing the information you need. The sections listed below may be of interest.

  • Genotyping Protocols
    A listing of the genotyping protocols available for strains held by MMRRC at UNC.
  • Health Reports
    Health reports are available to all customers as PDFs and are updated as soon as new results are available.
  • Policy Information
    All official MMRRC policy details can be found in this section.