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Professor and Founding Director

Research Description

My research has been directed at biological actions of neuronal growth factors and signaling mechanisms downstream of receptor tyrosine kinases. Recently, we have focused on functions of the RAF/MEK/ERK signaling cascade in brain development. Mutations in core pathway components as well as in upstream modulators are associated with variety of neurodevelopmental syndromes collectively known as “Rasopathies”. Our findings have implications for understanding mechanisms of cognitive dysfunction in “Rasopathy” patients and potentially for developing new treatments.


Selected Publications

Hutton SR, Otis JM, Kim EM, Lamsal Y, Stuber GD, Snider WD (2017). ERK/MAPK signaling is required for pathway specific striatal motor functions. J. Neurosci 37: 8102 – 8115.

Xing L, Larsen RS, Bjorklund GR, Li X, Wu Y, Philpot BD, Snider WD, Newbern JM (2016).  Layer specific and general requirements for ERK/MAPK signaling in the developing neocortex.  elife 5: e11123.

Yi JJ, Berrios J, Newbern JM, Snider WD, Philpot BD, Hahn KM, Zylka MJ (2015).  An Autism-Linked Mutation Disables Phosphorylation Control of UBE3A.  Cell 162(4): 795-807.

Xing L, Li X, Snider WD (2015).  “Rasopathic” astrocytes constrain neural plasticity.  Science 348: 636-637.