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  • Multiple Neuroscience Center faculty awarded NC TraCS Grants

    The labs of Jose Rodríguez-Romaguera, Jason Stein, and Hyejung Wong were each awarded $50k pilot grants from NC TraCs. Jose Rodríguez-Romaguera, PhD will be collaborating with Rebecca Grzadzinski, PhD (Asst Professor, Psychiatry/Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities) in a project entitled “Atypical Social Arousal as an Early Marker of ASD.” Jason Stein, PhD will collaborate with … Continued

  • Mark Zylka

    Scientists Find New Cell Type Implicated in Chronic Pain, Inflammation

    The discovery, from the UNC School of Medicine lab of Mark Zylka, PhD, offers pain researchers a new, precise target to treat inflammation associated with neuropathic pain. Mark Zylka, PhD CHAPEL HILL, NC – One of the hallmarks of chronic pain is inflammation, and scientists at the UNC School of Medicine have discovered that anti-inflammatory … Continued

  • Scherrer Receives McKnight Award for Study of Brain Disorders

    Greg Scherrer, PhD, associate professor in the UNC Department of Cell biology and Physiology and member of the UNC Neuroscience Center, will use the three-year, $300,000 grant to study the neural basis of pain.   The McKnight Endowment Fund for Neuroscience selected three projects to receive the 2021 Neurobiology of Brain Disorders Awards, each totaling … Continued

  • Mark Zylka

    Scientists Take Major Step Toward Angelman Syndrome Gene Therapy

    Published in Nature, research led by Mark Zylka, PhD, at the UNC School of Medicine, shows how gene editing with CRISPR-Cas9 can restore function in an animal model of the neurodevelopmental condition Angelman syndrome. Mark Zylka, PhD CHAPEL HILL, NC – October 21, 2020 – Babies born with a faulty maternal copy of the UBE3A … Continued

  • Scan of Genomes for Inherited Variants Implicates New Gene Important in Autism

    In a study published in Translational Psychiatry, research led by Hyejung Won, PhD, and Jason Stein, PhD, assistant professors in the UNC Department of Genetics and members of the UNC Neuroscience Center, found that lowered expression of a gene called DDHD2 may increase a person’s likelihood of autism. Spectrum News, a leading source of news and … Continued