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Adam Hantman, PhD – Lab Head

Adam Hantman


Senior & Principal Research Scientists

Jeremy Cohen, PhD – Senior Research Scientist

Jeremy Cohen

Jian Zhong (Jay) Guo, PhD – Principal Scientist

Jay Guo



Postdoctoral Fellows

Scott Albert, PhD

Scott Albert

Kevin Cross, PhD

Kevin Cross

Stefan Lemke, PhD


Graduate Students

Reagan Bullins

Reagan Bullins

Reagan graduated from Virginia Tech with B.S. in Computational and Systems Neuroscience and minor in psychology. At Virginia Tech, Reagan worked in the English lab where she worked on investigating the validity of spike sorting methods by collecting ground-truth neural recordings. In her graduate studies, Reagan is interested in investigating how we can leverage optogenetic perturbations to drive skilled behavior.

Yuechen Qiu

Yuechen Qiu
Co-advised with Greg Scherrer

Yuechen got her B.Eng and M.S degrees in Biomedical Engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Duke University respectively. She then moved to San Francisco and worked in Palop Lab at Gladstone Institutes, UCSF to investigate the cellular and circuit mechanisms underlying Alzheimer’s Disease. In her graduate studies, she hopes to leveraging cortical motor circuits to elucidate opioid mechanisms of neuromodulation.

Jaesung Yoo

Co-advised with Kanaka Rajan

Jaesung studied Electrical Engineering and Brain and Cognitive Sciences from Korea University. He then worked in Seoul National University Hospital building artificial neural networks (ANN) for medical AI, and MIT brain and cognitive sciences department to answer neuroscience questions using ANNs as in-silico neuroscience models. In his graduate studies, he is using ANN to model how the brain uses neural population activity to generate behavior.


Undergraduate Students

Dhatri Kakarla

Dhatri graduated from UNC Chapel Hill with a B.S. in Neuroscience and a B.A in Medical Anthropology. She is interested in analyzing the movement profile of children with Angelman Syndrome for a collaboration with Dr. Shen’s lab.

Aditi Shah

Aditi is a senior at UNC studying Biology and Psychology with a minor in chemistry. She is interested in the effects of neural inhibition on reward pathways of children. In the future, Aditi would like to attend medical school to pursue a career in pediatrics or psychiatry.

Megan Gerlach

Megan is a junior at UNC Chapel Hill majoring in Neuroscience with minors in Chemistry and Data Science. She is interested in the intersection of neural circuitry and psychiatric conditions. Specifically, she wants to investigate how factors such as drugs of abuse may increase the risk for psychiatric and neurological condition progression, as well as the development of possible pharmaceutical treatments. After she completes her undergraduate career, she hopes to obtain a PhD in Neuroscience with a focus in the improvement of neurological disorder treatments.


UNC Alumni

Caitlin Lewis


Lab Position: Undergraduate Assistant Researcher (2021-2024)
Current Position: PhD Student at Duke University, advised by Dr. John Pearson
Lab work: Caitlin studied Computer Science and Statistics at UNC. She has previously worked on software tools for large-scale calcium imaging analysis (mesmerize-core) and contributed to a general purpose scientific plotting library (fastplotlib). Caitlin also worked on automated behavioral classification software used within the lab (animal-soup).