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The Helen Lyng White Selection Committee awarded this prestigious award to three postdoctoral researchers that show great potential in becoming scientific leaders at UNC and beyond. Let us congratulate the three recipients of the Helen Lyng White Fellowship and look forward to the changes they will provide through their research studies.

Scott Albert

Dr. Albert’s research will be focused on studying resilience mechanisms embedded within neural circuits in mice, and specifically using a goal-directed reaching task. This research could provide new insights into how the brain recovers from strokes and is impacted by other debilitating neurological disorders.

Advisor: Adam Hantman, Ph.D. (Department of Cell Biology and Physiology)

Joe Scarborough

Dr. Scarborough’s research focuses on defining the signaling mechanisms that primary cilia utilize in the nervous system.

Advisor: Eva Anton, Ph.D. (Department of Cell Biology and Physiology)

Mengsen Zhang

Dr. Zhang’s research focuses on understanding the inter-brain dynamics of social interaction across multiple spatiotemporal scales – the synchronization of neuronal spiking activities, brain oscillations, and behavior between socially interacting ferrets and how it relates to inter-brain synchronization phenomena in humans.

Advisor: Flavio Frohlich, Ph.D. (Department of Psychiatry)