Travel Awards for Conferences, Meetings, or Short Courses focused on HIV and Women’s Reproductive Health

The UUW partnership is now accepting applications for travel awards for conferences, meetings, or short courses focusing on HIV and women’s reproductive health (WRH).

These awards are intended to catalyze new research in the field through investment in scientific and professional development. To maximize the opportunities for learning, award recipients will be asked to give a presentation about key findings from the conference or short course, with emphasis on HIV and WRH issues.

Award Amount: Up to $3,000 USD for regional travel; Up to $5,000 USD for international travel.

Candidate Eligibility

  1. Active involvement in HIV and WRH research
  2. Zambian citizenship

Application Requirements

  1. Curriculum Vitae
  2. Proposal statement, outlining current position, academic background, work in HIV and WRH, and how this award will impact the applicant’s professional development, expertise, or the local research infrastructure (one page)
  3. A budget and accompanying justification
  4. Letter of institutional support from unit or department head – optional, but recommended for applicants seeking study leave for the proposed travel

For conference or meeting applications, priority will be given to those with accepted abstracts or oral presentations.

Applications are due Wednesday, October 31, 2018. For questions about the application process, please email