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Dr. Carl Seashore is Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of General Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. He is a general academic pediatrician with interests in QI, newborn care, ambulatory pediatrics, and informatics. Dr. Seashore has worked extensively with the Perinatal Quality Collaborative of North Carolina (PQCNC) on projects relating to newborn care delivery across the state, helping lead several initiatives including those aimed at improving care for babies with NAS and risk for sepsis. Other past QI initiatives include QI coaching and serving as Informatics expert for the EMPower Breastfeeding Collaborative, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention initiative coaching hospitals throughout the US to improve mother-baby care during the birth hospitalization and breastfeeding outcomes. He was a participant in the 2018 IHQI project, “LGBTQI”, which focused on improving care for patients in the LGBTQ community at UNC’s Children’s Primary Care Clinic, where he also supervises residents during the clinic experience. Dr. Seashore is a co-investigator and key collaborator on NIH research projects set at UNC Horizons.

Carl Seashore MD