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    • Treating women with opioid use disorders during pregnancy requires integrated, collaborative care July 29, 2019
      Building models of integrated, trauma-informed prenatal care for pregnant women with substance use disorders takes time and collaboration. And, it’s a worthy task that could save the lives of women and children and stop harmful cycles for healthier generations. A new paper from UNC Horizons’ Director of Health Services Elisabeth Johnson, PhD, NP, outlines the […]
    • UNC Horizons director speaks at women judges meeting in Washington, D.C. July 22, 2019
      Dr. Hendrée Jones, professor of obstetrics and gynecology and executive director of UNC Horizons, was an invited speaker on a panel for the 14th Annual Meeting of the National Association of Women Judges and the Congressional Caucus for Women’s Issues July 16, 2019 in Washington, D.C. The title of the panel was “The Opioid Crisis […]
    • UNC Horizons director is honored for outstanding scientific contribution to drug abuse research June 26, 2019
      Hendrée Jones, PhD, professor of obstetrics and gynecology and executive director of the UNC Horizons program, received the prestigious 2019 Marian W. Fischman Lectureship Award June 17 at the annual meeting of the College on Problems of Drug Dependence (CPDD) in San Antonio, Texas. This award honors the late Marian W. Fischman, a respected pioneer […]
    • Buprenorphine can accelerate heart rate in pregnant women with opioid use disorders June 25, 2019
      Though the use of buprenorphine in medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid use disorder (OUD) during pregnancy has shown to have few impacts on fetuses and infants, a new study examining the physiological impact of the drug on pregnant women shows a significant impact on maternal heart rate. Hendrée Jones, PhD, professor of obstetrics and gynecology […]
    • Horton named president of the Association for Child and Adolescent Counseling March 13, 2019
      Evette Horton, PhD, assistant professor in the UNC Horizons Program, has been elected president of the Association for Child and Adolescent Counseling. Her tenure begins July 1, 2019. The Association for Child and Adolescent Counseling (ACAC) is a national division of the American Counseling Association with a mission to support and offer an information network […]
    • ‘I’ve learned recovery is possible.’ March 7, 2019
      Samantha had “a million excuses” for why she didn’t want to come to the UNC Horizons Program, she says. She had a family who needed her – a loving son, a dedicated husband who was her high-school sweetheart, and three dogs as beloved as her child. She was also embarrassed and disappointed. A former client […]
    • ‘With their support, I can push through’ March 7, 2019
      Samantha’s time at the UNC Horizons Program started with a surprise. She arrived with sons B., 3, and R., 3 months, around Christmastime when Horizons’ supporters donate gifts for the program’s women to select for their children. “Knowing that I could provide something for my kids was a really big deal to me. It helped […]
    • UNC Horizons holiday giving reaches more families than ever February 25, 2019
      Dear OB-GYN department, donors and our community, We greatly thank you for your loving kindness and generosity that helped to make the holiday season one of happiness and gratitude for our families who receive services from UNC Horizons. This year, 66 women in treatment with us had gifts to give to their children, thanks to […]
    • Shared-decision making empowers pregnant women with opioid use disorder to make better treatment decisions February 25, 2019
      New research shows that shared-decision making methods for women with opioid-use disorders (OUD) help them make informed treatment decisions that reflect their preferences and personal values. Hendreé Jones, PhD, professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the UNC Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, is co-author of the paper, “Shared Decision-Making Tool for Treatment of Perinatal Opioid […]
    • UNC OB-GYN is 3rd in the nation in NIH funding February 19, 2019
      The UNC Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology ranked 3rd in the country in total NIH funding for 2018 and 2nd when it comes to departments within public schools of medicine. This is according to a new report published by the Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research. The UNC School of Medicine ranked 17th in the […]