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Note: The 2024 Global Health Scholar Program is for one year only with a $4,000 award  (A one year renewal may be possible pending funding, if scholar meets all program requirements.)

This competitive, two-year, multi-disciplinary GHSP will provide funding to support the career and leadership development of residents with a strong interest in global health. UNC Global Health Scholars will be enrolled in a structured program supported through a partnership of the OGHE, Office of GME, and the residents’ home clinical departments. The UNC Global Health Scholars Program will leverage the extensive global health resources, opportunities, and UNC faculty expertise to shape a competitive GHSP for our resident physicians.

The UNC Global Health Scholars Program is designed to be flexible so that each graduating resident or fellow will attain the individualized knowledge and skills relevant to their future careers in global health. Each selected scholar will receive up to $8,000 total, to be dispersed in two annual installments, as program requirements are met. Funds are designated to support international travel, national conference attendance and/or scholarly presentations, and formal coursework or professional development opportunities in global health.

Global Health Scholars must meet the following program requirements:

  1. Complete at least 8 weeks of global health-related electives. At least 4 weeks should be performed internationally and 8 weeks is strongly encouraged, with preference to already established UNC sites (e.g. Malawi, Zambia, Nicaragua). Other electives may include: migrant and/or refugee health, other underserved populations, focused reading or research elective in global health, or reading and/or project work -related to global health while on a regular UNC rotation (e.g. administrative month).
  2. Participate in existing UNC global health educational activities (e.g., OGHE-sponsored Global Health Forum, journal clubs, noon conferences, departmental grand rounds and lectures, and other related seminars) and LEAD at least one structured global health activity.
  3. Complete a global health-related scholarly project of publishable and/or presentable quality
  4. Demonstrate that they are receiving global health mentorship through the resident’s home clinical department and the OGHE.
  5. Global Health Scholars are encouraged to complete formal global health-related coursework or certification, Options include (but are not limited to):
  1. Free options include: