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Are clerkship evaluations required?

Course evaluations for clerkships must be completed within five days after the subtest or the completion of the clerkship.

When are clerkship evaluations conducted?

Student evaluations of clerkships are distributed the day before the completion of the clerkship block.

Why did I get an evaluation after 1 week (or 2, 3 or 4 weeks)?

Since students rotate among different services as part of many clerkship experiences, it is important to capture information about these individual experiences. Therefore, a brief evaluation of rotation is sent following individual clerkship rotations, while a more comprehensive clerkship evaluation is sent at the end.

Do all clerkships use the same evaluation instrument?

Yes, there is a standard Clerkship Evaluation and a standard Rotation Evaluation. Please keep in mind, however, that some clerkships distribute their own internal evaluation forms to assess specific aspects of the clerkship.

What questions are asked on the clerkship evaluation form?

The form covers many aspects of the clerkship as related to its stated learning objectives. It attempts to address instructional methods rather than individual instructors. THe evaluation covers clerkship organization, clinical skills instruction, general effectiveness of attendings/preceptors/residents, the learning environment and appropriate treatment of students.

Why are reminders sent?

The product used for course evaluation has a reminder feature. Although we would prefer not to remind, we have found that response rates are significantly improved when this feature is used. Once a student submits a response, the student is no longer sent reminders. The electronic survey program determines who should receive reminders based on its database of respondents.

What happens when a student does not respond to a clerkship evaluation?

Each clerkship decides independently what to do about students who have not responded to the clerkship evaluation.

When are the results of the clerkship evaluations reported?

Results of clerkship evaluations are reported mid-year and at the completion of the academic year. At the completion of the academic year, all clerkship blocks for the academic year are reported.

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