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Are course evaluations required?

The first and second year course directors have voted to require the completion of electronic course evaluations before the course grade is released. Grades will be released for all students who have completed their course evaluations. Grades are released once a week for students who complete their evaluations after the initial release of grades.

When are first and second year course evaluations conducted?

Courses are evaluated at their completion. Student evaluations of first and second year courses are usually distributed the day before the final exam. Adjustments are made to the schedule to maximize students’ opportunity to respond to the course evaluation. The general schedule, which may be adjusted, is as follows:

Activity When?
Send out course evaluation 1 working day before final exam or last day of class
Send reminders to students who have not yet responded Reminders are sent twice weekly, usually Mondays and Thursdays.
Registrar checks for non-respondents Same day grades are released, usually 3 working days after final exam or last day of class (unless grading is delayed)
Registrar releases grades for late respondents 2 times per week for 2 weeks after grade is released.
Report to course director Send evaluation report to the course director 2 weeks after final exam or last day of class date.

Slight modifications to the schedule may also be made at the end of the academic year to permit students to respond to course evaluations while they are still on campus.

What questions are asked on the course evaluation form?

The form covers many aspects of the course as related to its stated learning objectives. It attempts to address instructional methods rather than individual instructors. Individual instructors are evaluated via faculty evaluation. Here’s what the form looks like.

Why are reminders sent?

The product used for course evaluation has a reminder feature. Although we would prefer not to remind, we have found that response rates are significantly improved when this feature is used. Once a student submits a response, the student is no longer sent reminders. The electronic survey program determines who should receive reminders based on its database of respondents. Reminders are sent twice a week.

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