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Step 1 Registration Instructions

1. Go to and register as a “new examinee”.

2. Find “New Examination”.

3. Fill out all information (It is suggested to pick Jan 2018-Mar 2018 as the test date).

4. Pay $610 via credit/debit card or check/money order.

5. It’ll take you back to the home page, where a yellow line appears with “action required”. Click the “complete and mail” link. (It will come up as a pop up window, so you’ll need to disable pop up blockers).

6. Print this form and give it to Tiffany Pitt in 1001 Bondurant Hall so she can provide the picture and certification. (Enrollments are verified on Mondays of each week)

*wait for email saying you have been verified*

7. Go back after you receive the email and pick up the completed form from 1001 Bondurant Hall
8. Snail Mail aforementioned form to the address listed on the bottom of the form
9. Wait
10. Once processed, you will be notified via email that your Registration is complete AND issued a scheduling permit
11. Register for your date/site through the NBME site.