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VSLO Application Terms

Elective Experiences
This is the total number of rotations that an applicant would like to complete.

This is your overall application including personal information, transcripts, malpractice insurance, personal statements, etc.

Elective Request
This is the individual elective that you have applied for. Ex: ANES 401 in Block 6.

The application has not been reviewed for eligibility.

The application is complete and is now in the scheduling process.

Conditionally Eligible
The application has missing items and the elective request will not be considered for placement until the issues have been resolved.

The overall application has been denied and no elective request will be considered.

Home Released
The elective request has been received by the school and the departments are able to review for placement consideration.  However, the elective request will not be considered until the Application is marked as eligible.

Conditional Offer
The elective request has been approved by the departments and offered to the applicant. There is a one-week time limit on all offers.

Accepted Conditional Offer
Applicant has accepted the conditional offer and will need to submit the Accepted/Rotation Requirements.

Post Requirements Complete
Applicant has completed the Accepted/Rotation Requirements but has not assigned them to UNC.

Post-Decision Review
Accepted/Rotation Requirements have been submitted to, but not reviewed by, UNC.

Offer Confirmed
Accepted/Rotation Requirements have been verified and the conditional offer has been officially approved.

Host Rejected
The department was unable to accommodate that particular elective request. This does not mean that all elective requests or the entire application have been denied.

Offer Expired
No decision has been made by the applicant on the elective request offer within the one-week time frame. The applicant has effectively declined the offer to rotate.

Application Overview

Applications are accepted all year long with a few restrictions on certain electives and departments.

All applications must be submitted and completed (Eligible Status) six (6) weeks before the first day of the desired rotation in order to be considered for placement. You may be scheduled for an elective after the 6-week deadline, but only if you have submitted an application. It is best to get your application in well before this deadline as space is limited and elective openings have the tendency to be filled quickly.

We recommend that you submit more than one elective request with your application. If your first elective request is denied, we may be able to grant acceptance for an alternate elective request. But we will only place you in an elective and time period for which you have submitted an elective request.  If you wish to be considered for alternative elective or n=months, please submit separate elective requests for each individual month and course.

Application Process

Every student’s application will be checked to ensure Eligibility Requirements are met before the application will move into the Scheduling Phase. Applications may be denied if a student does not meet all Eligibility Requirements. The visiting student coordinator will review and let applicants know if their application is missing any information. All students will be marked as Conditionally Eligible at this point and will be given the opportunity to address any inconsistencies in their eligibility requirements before being denied. If the applicant never attempts to address these issues, their application may be marked as Ineligible.

Elective requests from applications that are in Conditional Status (Incomplete) after the Block’s Application deadline will be denied. You may submit another elective request for a different time and turn in missing materials before the next deadline. Once your application is marked Eligible (complete), you will move into the Scheduling Phase. We try to place applicants based on their preference list. Therefore, it is recommended that you arrange elective requests in order of the most desired elective and block combination.

The Scheduling Phase

UNC School of Medicine will open for applicants to start submitting a VSLO application on Jan. 21, 2020. Please keep in mind that you will only have about 2-weeks to submit applications for the March rotation block deadline on JFeb. 1st, 2020. UNC students are registered for their electives before visiting students are allowed to submit their applications. If you are unable to apply for a certain Block in VSLO, then that Block is currently full and/or not offered.

Elective availability is ever-changing. Courses may become open as the year progresses due to drop/add requests by UNC students and as applicants accept, deny and drop scheduled electives. Keep checking the VSLO offering as blocks that are currently closed may become available later in the year.

For the 2020-21 Academic Year, the scheduling of electives will occur in two phases.

Phase 1 will begin on Jan 21, 2020.  During Phase 1 students will only be allowed to apply for and be scheduled for the first four Blocks (Mar 2 – Jun 19, 2020).

Phase 2 will begin on Apr 01, 2020.  During Phase 2 students will be able to apply for and be scheduled for the remaining Blocks (Jun 29, 2020 – Feb 26, 2021).  The elective request will still be accepted for the remaining Phase 1 blocks.

The two Phases align with the UNC Student Scheduling Process.

All courses at our Asheville Campus as well as DERM 401, ERMD 401, ERMD 402, FMME 453, OTOL 450, ORTS 440, ORTS 448, SURY 436 and SURY 456 are exempt from the scheduling phases and will accept students all year long starting Jan. 14th.

An elective request will be processed first-come, first-served based upon eligibility review and academic merit, thus applicants who apply early and have applications marked as eligible may be reviewed by departments sooner, but being reviewed first does not guarantee that an offer will be extended.

All elective requests must receive departmental approval before an offer can be extended. This is completed internally, so please do not email departments directly asking for permission and/or updates. After a decision has been made, applicants will be notified in VSLO of their acceptance or denial. There is no set timeline for scheduling elective requests, but we attempt to let applicants know within two months of applying and at least two months before the elective start date. Please note that this timeline is not set in stone and many factors can affect this estimate for an individual applicant.

Once an offer has been made to an applicant, the applicant will have one week to accept/deny the offer. If the offer expires, it will not be re-sent. Applicants who allow one (1) offer to expire without any communication to the Visiting Student Coordinator for two (2) weeks after the expiration will have all other elective requests denied.

If the applicant indicates that only one (1) elective experience is desired, all other elective requests will be denied once the student accepts the first offer to rotate. If two (2) or more experiences have been requested, then the scheduling process will start over with attempts to secure a second and/or third elective offer.

If the applicant declines an offer to rotate but has other pending elective requests, we will continue to find a placement based on the remaining options.

If the applicant no longer wishes to be considered for an elective placement, please WITHDRAW ALL elective requests that have been submitted. We will continue to process all elective requests as long as they are still active.