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Applications to UNC’s Visiting Student Program are accepted on a semester/term basis. Students from domestic medical schools, MD and DO are invited to apply.

If you are applying via VSLO, we recommend that you submit more than one elective request with your application.  If your first elective request is denied, we may be able to grant acceptance for an alternate elective request. But we will only place you in an elective and block for which you have submitted an elective request.  If you wish to be considered for an alternative elective or month, please submit separate elective requests for each month and course.

The Academic Calendar is split into the 2 terms; Spring (March to June), Fall (July to December). Each term will have a dedicated Application, Scheduling, and Notification Cycle associated with it. Ensure that you are submitting your application during the appropriate cycle. Please view our Calendar Page for more information on important dates for each term and our Program Requirements page for more information on Application Requirements.

Application Process

Application Cycle

US-Based MD and DO students are eligible to apply through the AAMC Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO) Program.

Applications will not be reviewed during this Cycle so there is no incentive for applying early, but be sure to submit your application before the Cycle closes.  Late applications will not be considered.

Decision/Scheduling Cycle

After the application cycle, UNC will spend one (1) month reviewing applications for acceptance and generating the scheduling for the term. Students will be granted one of three different statuses.

Accepted: Students are fully accepted to the program and will be added to the schedule based on course availability and student preference.

Denied: Students have not been accepted into the program and will not be scheduled for a rotation during the current term.

Notification Cycle

Once the Decision/Scheduling Cycle has concluded, students will be notified of UNC’s decision. Students who have been accepted will receive offers for rotations.  Waitlisted students will be notified of their status, but may not receive an offer rotation.  Waitlisted students can receive an offer up to 60 days before the rotation start date.

Denied students will also be notified of their status. Denied students cannot be scheduled for the current term for which they received the denial but are welcome to apply for other terms as long as they still meet the eligibility requirements.


VSLO Application Terms

Accepted Conditional Offer
Applicant has accepted the conditional offer and will need to submit the Accepted/Rotation Requirements.

This is your overall application including personal information, transcripts, malpractice insurance, personal statements, etc.

Conditionally Eligible
The application has missing items and the elective request will not be considered for placement until the issues have been resolved.

Conditional Offer
The elective request has been approved by the departments and offered to the applicant. There is a one-week time limit on all offers.

Elective Experiences
This is the total number of rotations that an applicant would like to complete.

Elective Request
This is the individual elective that you have applied for. Ex: ANES 401 in Block 6.

The application is complete and is now in the scheduling process.

Host Rejected
The department was unable to accommodate that particular elective request. This does not mean that all elective requests or the entire application have been denied.

Home Released
The elective request has been received by the school and the departments are able to review it for placement consideration.  However, the elective request will not be considered until the application is marked as eligible.

The overall application has been denied and no elective request will be considered.

Offer Confirmed
Accepted/Rotation Requirements have been verified and the conditional offer has been officially approved.

Offer Expired
No decision has been made by the applicant on the elective request offer within the one-week time frame. The applicant has effectively declined the offer to rotate.

The application has not been reviewed for eligibility.

Post-Decision Review
Accepted/Rotation Requirements have been submitted to, but not reviewed by, UNC.

Post Requirements Complete
Applicant has completed the Accepted/Rotation Requirements but has not assigned them to UNC.