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Eligibility Requirements

These requirements must be met in order for your application to move on to the scheduling phase.

  • Must be currently enrolled in Medical School and be eligible to be complete away rotations by home school
  • Completion of core clerkships
    • Core Clerkships include: Family Medicine, Internal Medicine Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Surgery
  • Passing USMLE Step 1 or COMLEX-USA Level 1
    • A passing score on the German ‘Physikum’ exam or a passing score on the ‘IFOM CSE’ may also be acceptable in certain circumstances. However, UNC reserves the right to require a USMLE Step score for any applicant.
  • Evidence of English Proficiency as indicated by one of the following (US Medical School Students are exempt)
    • English Language Exam
      • TOEFL: Min of 100 with a min Speaking score of 25
      • IELTS: Min score of 7 with a min Speaking score of 7.5
      • CEFR: C1 or Higher
      • MET 4-Skill Test with C1 in all Categories
      • ECPE 4 Skill Test
      • Passing Step 2 CS Score
      • UNC does not currently accept OET (Occupational English Test) Scores
    • Educational background in English (must have 1 of the following)
      • Evidence the student is currently attending medical school in a predominantly English-speaking country
      • Evidence the student has graduated from a secondary school in a predominantly English-speaking country indicated by a diploma, transcript, or certificate of completion
      • Evidence the student has completed a Bachelor’s or graduate degree in a predominantly English-speaking country as indicated by a diploma or transcript indicating degree conferred
      • Evidence the student has completed a Bachelor’s or graduate degree at an institution where the medium of instruction was English AND evidence the student is currently attending a medical school where the medium of instruction is English as indicated by an official letter from all institution’s registrars confirming the medium of instruction was/is English.
    • Evidence the student, within the last 5 years, has taught at an accredited U.S. school, international school, or a school where the language of instruction is English. If the school is not in the U.S. or in an English-speaking country, the school would need to provide documentation.
    • If you completed a clinical U.S. elective or elective in a predominantly English-speaking country, you may submit the Letter of Recommendation or elective evaluation
    • Evidence the student is a citizen or lawful permanent residency holder of a country where the official language is English as documented by a passport or LPR card.
  • Good academic standing at home institution
  • Current background clearance from home institution

Application Materials

  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Current medical school transcript
    • Note for international students: Transcript must be in English, only official translations are accepted. Additionally, beyond just hours completed, it would enhance your application to include an assessment in your clerkships, displaying grades or percentages.
  • USMLE Step 1, COMLEX-USA Level 1 or equivalent exams (see above) score transcript
  • Letter(s) of recommendation from a faculty member(s) at your home medical school or from faculty/physician(s) who have observed you during other clinical visiting electives.
    • Letters should include relevant examples of the applicant’s clinical knowledge and abilities
    • Letters should demonstrate the student’s competency with a clinical environment and showcase a commitment to learning.
    • Letters of recommendation must be on official letterhead and dated/signed.
    • Domestic students must upload 1 letter. International students must upload 2 letters.
  • Personal Statement In a brief statement (one single-line page, 12 point font), please address:
    • Your personal growth in medicine since starting medical school
    • Your educational and professional interest in UNC School of Medicine

*Elective/Departmental/Campus Specific Requirements

The University of North Carolina School of Medicine prides itself on the ability to offer a variety of clinical areas for potential 4th-year electives. While the Visiting Student Program has a general set of requirements for acceptance, some departments, individual electives, and campus locations require extra materials (personal statements, Step scores, etc.) to be included with the application in order to be considered for scheduling.