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The Expression, Biochemistry, and Immune Reagent Core (Core B) is responsible for expressing uncharacterized ORFs (uORF), hypothetical ORFs (hORF) and noncoding RNA targets identified by Projects 1, 2, and 3. The candidate ORF/noncoding RNA are expressed from a variety of expression platforms, including plasmid-based mammalian expression vectors, lenti- and retroviral vectors, and alphavirus-based replicons. The Core is responsible for cloning each candidate ORF/noncoding RNA, introducing them into the appropriate expression vector, and confirming candidate ORF/noncoding RNA expression prior to providing these vectors to each of the research projects. Core B also generates hORF- and uORF-specific immune reagents (polyclonal and/or monoclonal antibodies) and will work with each of the research projects in the biochemical characterization of hORF or uORF.


Dr. Mark Heise, who has expertise in molecular virology and viral pathogenesis, leads Core B. Dr. Kristin Long oversees production/validation of candidate ORF/noncoding RNA expression vectors



Core B is based on the 9th floor of the Burnett Womack Building of the University of North Carolina Medical Campus. The laboratory is fully outfitted for molecular biology, vector production, and the biochemical characterization of candidate ORFs.

Key Features

Core B is responsible for:

  • Production and Quality Control of Expression Vectors Containing Candidate ORFs/noncoding RNAs.
  • Production of ORF Specific Antiserum.
  • Biochemical Characterization of Candidate ORFs in Collaboration with Projects 1, 2, and 3.