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Data Management and Resource Dissemination Core

Specific Aims

The Data Management and Resource Dissemination Core (Core C) will provide the data management, data cleaning, data storage and data release to public databases for all information generated during this project. The core will inventory physical resources and submit them to public bio-repositories. In addition, Core C will provide statistical analysis, develop and audit standard operating procedures and compliance with good laboratory practices (GLP).

  • Leadership: Dr. Dirk Dittmer, a leader in viral genome profiling and sequencing, leads Core C. Dr. Dittmer currently serves as the director of core laboratories for the NIH-funded AIDS malignancies clinical trials consortium.
  • Infrastructure: Core C will physically be located within the UNC Vironomics Core. This facility is subsidized by the Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center (LCCC) and operates under GCLP and GLP standards.
  • Key Features: Core C responds to specific requirements of the proposal.
    • The core will establish and maintain a laboratory information management system (LIMS) to facilitate the tracking of assay data as well as samples and reagents, the processing of raw data through analysis pipelines, and communication between all projects and cores.
    • The core will provide primary secure data storage on a dedicated server with automatic backup. It will provide resources for computationally intensive processes and develop job scheduling and interfaces to the campus-wide UNC “Kure” computing cluster.
    • The core will provide statistical support and QC/QA advice for all biochemical assays performed in this project. The core will develop, maintain and certify standard operating protocols (SOP) in accordance with GLP standards.
    • The core will be responsible for timely dissemination of data and reagents to public repositories and NIH databases.

Successful implementation and execution of the research proposed in this program necessitates a highly organized, central data management and communications system. The role of Core C is to facilitate the communication amongst Projects and Cores.

Core C is the central hub for information and dissemination of data to the researchers in the program and to the scientific community. Core C will also provide the statistical assistance in design and evaluation of individual assays for each research project. Core C will seamlessly link all program personnel by facilitating data communication and integration across research projects and cores.

Core C will play a central role by 1) providing data management and processing avenues for all aspects of the research; 2) furnishing a communication environment for monitoring the status of experiments and samples and a route for exchanging datasets and results; 3) working interactively with the other projects to provide statistical support; and 4) be responsible for resource distribution within the U19 cooperative and the scientific community.