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Here are the references sequences for all vectors and viruses used in our studies as genbank format.

Download Vectors (.gbk) :

Name Also Known As Vector Use Sequencing Primer Download
pCAGGS Mammalian expression Unknown link
pcDNA3.1 (-) Control long / nc RNA T7 promoter link
pcDNA3.1 (+) Mammalian expression long / nc RNA T7 promoter link
pVR21 pDESTVEE-1 Replicon VeeDest F link
pDEST47 pcDNA.DEST47 Gateway compatible mammalian expression T7 promoter link
pSIREN RNA expression U6 promoter link
pLENTI7.3V5 T7 promoter link


Warning: Vector NTI doesn’t recognize genbank files with .gbk extensions. To resolve this issue, simply change (rename) the file extension to .gb