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UNC Opens Tendon Treatment Program to Public

David J. Berkoff, MD

Chapel Hill: UNC Orthopaedics recently opened a Tendon Treatment Program at its Carolina Pointe II location in Chapel Hill. With the goal of keeping active people active, this new program offers innovative approaches to the care of tendons and ligaments to help prevent injury and provide targeted individualized treatment plans.

The Tendon Treatment Program uses a variety of imaging technologies to diagnose patient’s problems including conventional imaging, ultrasound, MRI, CT and Ultrasound Tissue Characterization (UTC). UTC is a device used like a traditional ultrasound machine, but it provides a color-coded image of a tendon so orthopaedists can target problem areas and provide a more accurate diagnosis. UTC technology has been used by Dr. David Berkoff at UNC Orthopaedics since 2015 for professional and collegiate athletes, but with the launch of the new Tendon Treatment Program it will now be widely available to patients interested in monitoring their tendon health. UNC leads the field in this technology in the United States and is one of only a handful of centers with these imaging capabilities and the expertise to provide advanced tendon treatment options.

“The treatment of tendonitis can be complicated and often frustrating. By creating the Tendon Treatment Center we hope to be able to provide a more robust diagnostic and treatment approach to these injuries,” Berkoff said.

The Tendon Treatment Program provides imaging services to better diagnose tendons as well as treatment options including passive monitoring, rest, physical therapy, bracing, platelet rich plasma therapy, adipose stem cell therapy, injections or minimally invasive surgery. UNC also offers monitoring services to local athletic teams to allow athletes and coaches the ability to monitor tendon problems during an athletic season to avoid potential injuries.

To schedule an appointment at UNC Orthopaedics’ Tendon Treatment Program, call 919-962-6637.