UNC Orthopaedic Skills Lab teaches musculoskeletal skills to healthcare professionals, residents, and medical students

This state of the art 700 square foot training facility is available for use by UNC residents, medical students, healthcare professionals and Skills Labcommunity groups. The lab holds up to 24 learners and can be used for dry and wet simulations. The lab is equipped with orthopedic surgical instruments, dry models, and orthopedic simulators for injections, fracture care, arthroscopy, casting, and other orthopedic surgical techniques.


The UNC Orthopaedic Skills Lab houses an ArthroMentor™, a state-of-the art virtual-reality arthroscopic simulator designed to teach residents and practicing surgeons fundamental and advanced skills in arthroscopy. The simulator uses virtual reality graphics and haptic feedback to provide a realistic training experience.

Lab Director

Robert Ostrum, MD

Orthopaedic Skills Lab Director



The skills lab is located at the following address:

Professional Office Building
170 Manning Drive, Suite B-134
Chapel Hill, NC 27599

*Access is restricted, to arrange for visitation please contact the lab admin assistant. If you are an external visitor it is recommended that you park in the main UNC Hospital Visitors Parking Lot.

Interested in reserving the lab?

To reserve the lab, please contact Jennifer Griffin (Skills Lab Coordinator).

Email: jennifer_griffin@med.unc.edu

Phone: (919) 966-8538