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The mission of UNC Orthopaedics and the Sports Medicine Institute includes injury treatment, rehabilitation, and injury prevention and outreach.  This includes our UNC athletes, as well as the local school systems, weekend warriors and athletes of all ages. We work to support the community as a whole at a range of competitive athletic events.

On May 14, 2022, UNC Sports Medicine provided onsite medical coverage to members of the local race community participating in the Zen Squirrel Trail Run in Chapel Hill, NC.  The two- to ten-mile race courses through the wooded Briar Chapel neighborhood were technically challenging for the almost 150 participants navigating around the rocks and tree roots of the neighborhood’s narrow trails. 

UNC Orthopaedics Assistant Professor (Non-Operative Sports and Musculoskeletal Medicine) Dr. Gregory Summerville and two UNC Health physical therapists, Madison Franek, PT, DPT, and Kristen Soth, MPT, MHA, staffed the medical aid station sponsored by UNC Health at this event.

Dr. Summerville noted: “Our dedicated sports medicine team is at these events to serve our communities.  We love connecting with our athletes and weekend warriors.  These events give us the opportunity to discuss injury prevention and training techniques during the post-race celebration, as well as quickly respond to injuries that occur during the events.  We want to make sure that our community is able to exercise safely so they can stay healthy and active.”

PHOTOS (L to R): Madison “Madi” Franek, PT, DPT / Kristen Soth, MPT, MHA / Greg Summerville, MD