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In the 2022-2023 U.S. News and World Report Best Hospitals rankings, orthopaedics was rated a “high performing” specialty at UNC Hospitals, among peers nationwide. Every year, this hospital report card nationally ranks 50 top-scoring hospitals based upon performance ratings by specialty. Performance scores are calculated through categorical analysis of data linked to outcomes, patient survival, high-risk case volume, patient experience, nurse staffing and advanced clinical technologies. The top 10% of medical specialties marked highest in ratings within these 50 top-scoring hospitals are deemed high performing.

For its 2022-2023 hospital report card, U.S. News and World Report evaluated 1,671 hospitals. Orthopaedics was among four adult specialties at UNC Hospitals U.S. News and World Report rated as “high performing.” In procedural analysis, the 50 top-scoring hospitals in orthopaedics scored highly for performance in treating complex orthopaedic cases involving spinal surgeries and fusions, and limb, joint and types of musculoskeletal and connective tissue.

UNC Department of Orthopaedics joins other UNC Hospitals specialties that consistently score high marks in U.S. News and World Report’s annual hospital rankings. Based on its high ratings in several adult specialties this year, UNC Hospitals ranked second-best hospital in North Carolina in the 2022-2023 Best Hospitals honor roll.

UNC Orthopaedics Vice Chair of Clinical Operations David Berkoff, MD, stated:

“The US News and World report rated UNC Orthopaedics as ‘high performing.’ This is based on our department’s performance in treating complex orthopedic cases for a broad array of patients and conditions.  It is an honor to be recognized with this rating. It speaks to the excellence in care we provide.  This recognition is a result of the hard work that our outstanding providers and staff invest each day in providing care to our patients and the community.”

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