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In honor of National Medical Assistants Day on October 19th, let’s celebrate all the hardworking Medical Assistants (CMAs) who are vital members of UNC Orthopaedics outpatient clinic teams across UNC Health! In orthopaedic patient-centered care, skilled Medical Assistants contribute to clinical and administrative functions invaluably through taking vital signs and medical history, scheduling testing and labs, monitoring patient workflow and assisting orthopaedic specialists with procedures. It’s no surprise that many UNC Orthopaedics outpatients recall the Medical Assistant(s) who led them through their clinic visit as the face they remember most from a positive patient experience at UNC Health.

On this annual day to recognize Medical Assistants/CMAs nationwide, we thank each UNC Department of Orthopaedics Medical Assistant (CMA) for all he/she does to benefit our patients and fellow clinical teammates!

  • Tina Edwards
  • Phyllis Henderson
  • Laura Rios Rivera
  • Menley Everest
  • Tonya Tolley
  • Christina Crow
  • Tianna Broadddus
  • Chelsea Forte
  • Shaunte Bostic
  • Sandy Naylor
  • Lisa Huffman
  • Rachelle Johnson
  • Guimel Magallanes Hernandez