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A unique environment for graduate training in pathobiology and translational science…

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Program Research Faculty

The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at UNC-CH, as most departments of pathology, maintains an eclectic faculty in order to carry out diverse functions. These functions include a broad range of teaching responsibilities, active and diverse research programs, laboratory animal medicine services, hospital medical services related to clinical laboratory medicine, diagnostic and forensic pathology, surgical pathology, and cytology. Therefore, the primary focus and range of activities for faculty members varies, and may not include direct participation in graduate training. Nonetheless, we believe that all Pathology and Laboratory Medicine faculty members represent valuable resources to the graduate students in Molecular and Cellular Pathology and other graduate programs at UNC-CH. For these reasons, we have listed under Research Faculty all departmental faculty and the adjunct faculty members who directly or indirectly participate in graduate training. Listings of graduate faculty members are organized alphabetically, and by research interests. We provide detailed information on major research groups and research profiles of faculty members whose laboratories offer excellent research environments for training of graduate students. Other faculty members from the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine can be found in the Complete Listing of Faculty.

Alphabetic List of Research Faculty

Faculty by Research Interest

Pathobiology and Translational Science Graduate Program