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Womens Health Multidisciplinary ConsortiumThis week the UNC Center for Women’s Health Research is sponsoring a poster session highlighting research accomplished by faculty, students, residents, and postdoctoral fellows. 


The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine is excited to use this event as an opportunity to announce the newly launched Women’s Health Multidisciplinary Consortium (WHMC), whose mission is “Creating a trainee-focused, unified community of faculty, clinicians, and researchers with a vested interest in advancing the health of women at UNC.”


The consortium is currently being supported by the Center for Women’s Health Research and the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.

All those with an interest in women’s health research from any UNC school or department is encouraged to get involved.

WHMC will be launching a Works in Progress Seminar Series this Fall 2021, details to be announced soon. To get more information and stay updated on the group’s activities, please fill out the Interest Form. You can also follow the Women’s Health Multidisciplinary Consortium on Twitter.

The WHMC is the brainchild of 2 Pathobiology and Translational Sciences graduate students, Cherise Glodowski and Alina Hamilton.  Jessica Bowser, Ph.D., an Assistant Professor of Pathology, has enthusiastically provided faculty guidance for this exciting new endeavor.