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Comprehensive Cancer Support Program

Dr. Eliza “Leeza” Park is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Clinically, she serves as a psychiatrist for the Comprehensive Cancer Support Program where she specializes in treatment of patients with cancer, particularly those with advanced illness.  Her  research focuses on the intersection of psychiatry, palliative medicine and oncology and specifically, how advanced cancer in patients with dependent children influences parental end-of-life and mental health outcomes and bereavement in their families.  She has conducted research examining psychological distress in parents with advanced cancer, depression in bereaved caregivers, and pharmacologic treatment of depression in patients with cancer.  She is currently supported by a KL2 career development award to study the treatment decision-making and psychological distress of parents with advanced cancer.

Leeza Park - UNC Psychosomatic Medicine and Comprehensive Cancer Support Program
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