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Chi An “Andy” LiuI was born in Taipei, Taiwan, and spent my childhood there. I moved to the US for college, completed undergrad at Davidson, and graduated the year Steph Curry took us to the Elite 8 on our incredible Cinderella run. Initially, I worked in the finance industry, but it didn’t take long for me to realize that I like people more than numbers. I went back to school, completed prerequisites, and got accepted to the University of Vermont School of Medicine and moved up north. After medical school, I migrated back down south for pediatric residency at the UNC and pediatric critical care fellowship at Vanderbilt.

Having trained in residency and fellowship programs where I found my work colleagues more like my family, I was looking for a similar atmosphere. I already loved the UNC culture, and when I interviewed for my palliative care fellowship, people I met (Alyssa, Paul, Angela, the fellows and many others) gave that sense of camaraderie and connection and made me feel at home again. Also, I’m doing a second fellowship (palliative after pediatric critical care), the UNC Palliative Care Division has many attendings who are dual-trained in the faculty to provide me guidance. I know I will have a fun and learn a lot this year, and I look forward to it!

Outside of work, I enjoy going on walks with my wife, Kaitlyn, and our dog Annabelle. I love live music and outdoor concerts. My wife and I also enjoy going to shows and musicals (Hamilton, Mean Girls, and the last one we saw was To Kill a Mockingbird). When I lived in Vermont, I picked up snowboarding to survive the winter; the snowfall is rare here in the South, so I paddleboard instead (Jordan Lake was my spot during residency). I watch and play basketball; I make layups sometimes. In general, I enjoy being outdoors and spending time with friends and family.

As far as a superpower, my favorite superhero is Spider-Man so I guess I could just inherit his powers. Although the quick healing power of Wolverine also sounds really appealing.