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She joins us from USF and couples matched with Claire in Pediatrics! Growing up in rural PA, Olivia truly appreciates the Med- Peds sense of community and has taken a special interest in caring for vulnerable youth. She chose UNC for her residency training because it had the perfect combination of everything that she was looking for —exceptional all around training, a well-established Med-Peds clinic, a clear mission to provide compassionate care to all people, and a location that appealed to both her and he partner. What she loved most about UNC was that all of the people I met during my interview experience made me feel comfortable and at home.

Fun facts: She grew up on a farm in central Pennsylvania, she loves anything that gets her outside and she can’t wait to explore the area around UNC! She is also a big women’s soccer fan and is looking forward to supporting the UNC’s team as well as the NC Courage.