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Pediatric Residency

The Pediatric Residency program is committed to providing a strong foundation of general pediatric education with broad subspecialty exposure. We take pride in the balance of our program, preparing residents for careers in general pediatrics, pediatric subspecialty training, and public health to practice in academic or community settings.

Primary Care Pediatrics Residency

The Primary Care Pediatrics Residency program began in 2011 and allows us to further focus on the unique needs of primary care pediatricians. By the end of their training, graduates of this program will be exemplary general pediatricians that are very capable of practicing in any venue in which children’s health needs are underserved.

Internal Medicine – Pediatrics (Med-Peds) Residency Program

The Internal Medicine – Pediatrics Residency program at UNC is one of the oldest in the nation. Since our program’s inception in 1967, we have strongly supported the philosophy that residents in combined training are most successful when fully integrated into each department. Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (Med-Peds) residents are given the same supervision, responsibilities and opportunities as their colleagues in the categorical medicine and pediatric residency training programs. With these opportunities, we have found that Med-Peds residents have thrived, successfully becoming the composite of what is best in both disciplines.

Child Neurology Residency

The Child Neurology Residency program is committed to training child neurologists with a strong competence in the care of all aspects of neurological disorders in children. Our program’s long tradition, dating back to the birth of the field of child neurology, aims to train the next generation of leaders in clinical and academic child neurology.