Current Lab Members

Henrik Dohlman Henrik Gunnar Dohlman, PhD
Henrik is the Sanford Steelman Distinguished 
Professor and Chair of Pharmacology.  Henrik received his PhD with 2012 Nobel Laureate Bob Lefkowitz at a nearby rival university, then did postdoc training with Jeremy Thorner at UC Berkeley, and in 1993 became professor of pharmacology at Yale University before relocating to UNC in 2001.

Nivedita Nivedita 

Nivedita Nivedita, PhD.
Nivedita is from India and has trained as a biomedical engineer working on the development of new microfluidics devices for analysis of cell fate decisions. Her work is being done in collaboration with Tim Elston and Beverly Errede.
Ranga Rajan
Ranga Rajan, PhD
Ranga was a chemistry graduate student with Jim Weisshaar at University of Wisconsin Madison. Ranga is working on  pheromone signaling and the consequences of aging in yeast. His work is being done in collaboration with Tim Elston and Beverly Errede.

 Kimiko Suzuki

Kimiko Suzuki
Kimiko is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University, and now a joint graduate with Tim Elston's group, earning her PhD in  Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. Kimiko is working on cross talk between the osmotic stress and mating pheromone pathways.

Amy Allen

Amy Allen 
is a Chapel Hill native and a chemistry graduate of NC State University, and now a joint graduate with Tim Elston's group, earning her PhD in the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. Amy is working on cross talk between the nutrient stress and mating pheromone pathways.

Kevin Knight
Kevin Knight 
Kevin a native of Missouri, a Pharmacology graduate student, and equally skilled in pymol and volleyball. Kevin is studying the potential of G proteins a drug targets.

Natalie Hewitt Valentin Natalie Hewitt Valentin
Natalie a native of Suriname, a native Dutch speaker, and a Pharmacology graduate student. Natalie is studying the coordination of G protein-mediated signaling.

Peter Drossopoulos (UNC '19).
Peter is an undergraduate working with Ranga Rajan.

Shu Zhang 
Shu is a native of China and a graduate of Wesleyan University ( After working for two years at the HIV Dynamics and Replication Program of the National Cancer Institute, she joined the Molecular and Cellular Biophysics PhD program. Shu is investigating how differential phosphorylation of the MAPK positively and negatively regulates the pheromone pathway. 

Matthew Begley
Matt is our lab manager. After graduating in 2012 from Juanita College Matt worked at University of Maryland and the ATCC before moving to UNC as our talented and energetic lab manager.


Shuang Li, PhD
Shuang earned her PhD at New York University ( and is now investigating metabolic regulation by the glucose-driven Gpa2 and Ras signaling pathways.

Lorena Dujmusic (UNC ‘20)
Lorena is a native of New Bern, NC, majoring in Biomedical and Health Science Engineering at UNC, and working with Amy on mechanisms of noise regulation in the mating pheromone pathway.

Ishani Kapoor
Ishani grew up in nearby Raleigh and is majoring in Quantitative Biology at UNC. She is working with Ranga on cross talk between the HOG and autophagy signaling pathways.

Boya Wang
Boya is 2017 graduate of UNC and is now in our MD/PhD program (

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